Monday, January 5, 2009

Conserve Fuel, Save Money & Help the Enviroment - GAS, DIESEL, HYBRID

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by: Harry Bernstein

It has become an unfortunate fact in the past few years, that gasoline prices may be straining your family's budget. Maybe you want to stop the flow of US money to countries such as Saudi Arabia & Iran, or help stem the process of global warming, or you just might want to help the enviroment by reducing your use of oil, a limited resource.
The Fuel Economy Numbers
In plain english, fuel economy ratings are the mpg numbers posted on the price sticker of a new car. Studies have shown that the average driver receives less than 80 percent of the economy figures that are on that dealer's price sticker.
You can use these numbers to determine the numbers will let you know how many mpg your vehicle will get, so you can compare vehicles and then go from there.
Hybrid - Pricing
The new gas electric hybrid vehicles are normally priced higher than non hybrid counterparts. they usually are at least two thousand dollars more than the comparable gas vehicle, and can be up to eight thousand more depending on the manufacturer. Hybrids are usaually much more fuel efficient than their gas counterparts, with many averaging around 45 - 55. This is great for those who want to save money on gas, as hybrids can go many miles on a full tank of gas and they come with extended warranties.
Diesel Engines - Benefits & Costs
Diesel fueled vehicles are yet another energy efficient option. Diesels, will generally get better mileage than a comparable gas fueled car or truck. They offer much better torque than many gasoline engines. Also, the price differential between diesel and gas vehicles, is much less than that of a hybrid.
With so many different options available, you're sure to find what you need to conserve fuel. Before making your final selection, always remember to shop around and find what's the best choice for your budget.

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